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my Keith Creations [02 Sep 2008|12:33pm]

[ mood | creative ]

198 118  240    240  171  Some of my Keith Creations.

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[31 Aug 2008|06:53pm]

1-54 Delta Goodrem
55-60 Delta Goodrem and Nicole Kidman
61-83 Nicole Kidman
84-94 Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
95-103 Keith Urban


here at my journal fbi_woman
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Icons [02 Apr 2008|07:31pm]

[1-41] Nicole Kidman
[1-3] Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
[20-23] Australia (the movie)
[24-25] Batman Forever
[26-39] Moulin Rouge
[40-50] The Golden Compass
[49-53] Daniel Craig
[54-57] Ewan McGregor
[58-61] Instant Star / Alexz Johnson


(more this way)

Banners and Wallpapers as well
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Icons [14 Mar 2008|02:57pm]

Lots of new icons over at my journal!

[1-37] Nicole Kidman (with Keith Urban)
[38-46] Daniel Craig
[47-54] Ewan McGregor
[55-73] The Golden Compass
[74-91] The X-Files


click to see the rest

And also some larger graphics of Nicole


click here for more
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Two Communities [10 Mar 2008|03:51pm]

I couldn't find anything that said we weren't allowed to advertise related communities, but if I missed it, I apologize, and understand if this post is deleted.

Regular icontests and news about Keith! Fanart submissions always welcome.

Regular icontests featuring Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, as well as the latest news on the couple. Fanart submissions always welcome.
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[08 Mar 2008|11:02pm]


24 icons
[1-12]: Adventure
[13-24]: Keith Urban



More HERE  @  today_icons


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[09 Nov 2007|09:02pm]


i made some icons bcuz i got soooooo bored... plus i found some new coloring techniques that i liked a lot, and i hope you will too!!! i'm not a big fan of cropping the same image a couple of times, but this worked out for now =]. they're assorted by rows, so if you want to know what picture i took some of these from, just say row "#" mmk?  oh, and no teasers... i want you to be suprised ;D. enjoy!!!

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16 Icons [05 Nov 2007|10:47am]


there's always somewhere left to turnCollapse )
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[25 Sep 2007|11:03pm]

Keith Urban
12 icons


More HERE @ today_icons
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newbie q [24 Feb 2007|08:15am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hey ya'll!
alrighty, i play in photoshop regularly for just about everything else in the world but not keith so much 'cause unless it's concert pics or youtube screen caps, i can't find much to play with. so i'm on a hunt for some of the full size, apparently high res pics that ya'll find.  it seems there's a treasure trove out there somewhere that my google pic searches just doesn't turn up!!  WHERE do you find them?!?  pleeeease share your secrets with a fellow obsessed/addicted (the good kind) fan? 0=cD

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Icons [08 Jan 2007|03:18am]

Just thought I'd share 20 recent icons I made and a love bar.
- Please credit moonstone_icons if you use.

SoothingCollapse )
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[04 Jan 2007|08:37am]


click for full-size
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Six Icons [29 Dec 2006|02:58am]


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Happy Holidays! =) [24 Dec 2006|07:44am]


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Four [21 Dec 2006|04:26pm]

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Keith Urban 'in concert' icons [11 Dec 2006|02:55pm]


Please, credit kufcif you use. Thanks.
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Keith Urban colorbar [10 Dec 2006|06:19pm]

[ mood | good ]

(in case you wanted to use it, credit would be appreciated kufc)

Oh, and this is my first entry to this community! So hi everybody!
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1 WP, 7 Icons [09 Nov 2006|05:20am]


+ six moreCollapse )

800x600 || 1024x768
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20 Icons [07 Nov 2006|04:44pm]


Love, Pain & the whole crazy thingCollapse )
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Wallpaper [07 Nov 2006|11:58am]


and I'm going to be working on some icons today as well :)
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